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Mission Statement

Lehrer Cumming is committed to delivering high-level, strategic guidance and hands-on management support to our clients during the planning, design and construction phases of a project.


Lehrer Cumming began in 2018 after a merger between New York City-based Lehrer, LLC, and Cumming (ccorpusa.com), a global project management and cost consulting company.

With a shared vision to improve project performance, and to provide clients with unmatched experience in navigating the complex design and construction process, the joining of our teams will benefit everyone involved, especially our clients.

Since forming their businesses in 1996, Lehrer, LLC and Cumming have each earned reputations as respected leaders in their corresponding markets. Together, we offer even deeper project management and owner advisory expertise in New York City, an expanded portfolio of sector knowledge, and a larger geographic reach.

Lehrer Cumming is led by Chief Executive Officer Peter M. Lehrer and operates as a division of Cumming. Lehrer Cumming consists of nearly 100 team members across five offices, working on more than $25 billion worth of construction on behalf of clients in the academic, cultural, commercial, residential, healthcare, hospitality, retail, and infrastructure sectors.


Lehrer Cumming distinguishes itself as an Owner’s Advisor and in contrast to the role of an Owner’s Representative. The distinction is material in terms of mindset, staff, culture and performance. Our experience and reputation comes from our deep background in construction management, which enables us to be much more knowledgeable and effective as Advisors. It comes down to knowing how the industry thinks and works.

An Owner’s Advisor is completely aligned with the client’s interests. We are the link and coordinator of the hundreds of issues that major projects face, some subtle and others perhaps more obvious, but very often missed. As such, Lehrer Cumming stands out as the premier highly respected Owner’s Advisor with a reputation for results, integrity, and a never give up philosophy. Major decisions that differentiate one project from another come from seasoned individuals with proven track records.